"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself" - John Dewey

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Preschool Program

 We offer well-balanced preschool program whic​h supports the child social,emotional, physical and cognitive growth.  

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Social-Emotional Development :

Social-emotional development includes a child’s ability to identify feelings, self-regulate and build relationships.

High-quality relationships correlate to positive outcomes for young children and which helps them to be a successful , well balanced human being.

Physical Development:​Physical development coves a child’s gross and fine motor skills. To increase strength, muscle control and coordination, the child requires adequate nutrition and fitness levels. Physical development also health and safety.Our food program also help them to have fresh, healthy eating habits in their early childhood years.
Language arts:Language and literacy skills includes a child’s ability to communicate and connect with others through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Language and literacy includes Listening Comprehension, Communication, Vocabulary, Phonological Awareness, Letter and Word Recognition, Reading Comprehension, Emergent Writing, Concept of Print.
 Children’s early mathematical experiences play a significant role in the development of their understanding of mathematics, and serve as a foundation for their cognitive development .Math and reasoning skills include a child’s ability to count, understand number sense, manipulate objects in space, create patterns, sort, compare and measure. 

Social Study:

Social Study skills includes a child’s ability to understand oneself in relation to the surrounding world. It includes the exploration of roles, responsibilities and cultural traditions.Children live within many different communities: family, school, church, city, nation, and world. Within each community are different social rules and traditions. Understanding of social systems sets the stage for a child’s lifelong dispositions about people.​


​Science skills include a child’s ability to inquire, predict and evaluate observations. It supports a child’s ability to explore everyday life,physical properties within the surrounding environment and to make sense of concepts such as weather, natural habitats, and technology.

​Creative Development:

Creative development is the ability to respond to experiences by expressing ideas and the imagination through music, dance, dramatic play and art.Children who score higher on tests of imagination and creativity develop stronger problem-solving strategies .